Geek Dads @ Home #13 – I’m Going to Dizz Knee Land


[show notes by Daniel M. Clark]

It’s episode 13! We were one Geek Dad short this week, as Scott Jangro was outta town and unavailable. We pressed on and did our best without him.

  • I kick off the show by talking about my situation with my wife going back to work after 3 months on maternity leave.
  • We get into preschool and the differences between preschool and day care. When the kid is only 3, is there that much of a difference?
  • Sam brings up the idea that the government is considering mandating pre-K school the way they do K+
  • Private vs. public schools?
  • We talk about the medical profession and our wives working very, very long hours.
  • I go off the call to help Angela with Winter, who was throwing a minor fit and I put the call on mute – or so I thought.
  • How we deal with balancing work, wife and kids – Joe actually had a nice weekend day away with his wife, camping.
  • Sam’s wife and daughter went on a cruise and Sam led the life of a bachelor last week, and we talk about traveling with kids, then Sam has to take off from the call for a few minutes. That’s how Geek Dads roll, we cover each others’ backs when we have to take care of the kids during a podcast recording!
  • I talk about our family trips to Disney World when i was a kid, and me and Joe talk about theme parks, prices, and the high cost of vacations these days.

Incidentally, I looked up current prices at – for a family of four (2 adults, 2 children between the ages of 3-9), the total cost of tickets for 5 days, one park, is $818. Add the “park hopper” option, which lets you visit multiple disney parks on the same day, and the price is $1018. Interestingly, the per-day prices drop the longer you stay. the same family staying only 3 days will pay $782 for single park and $982 when adding “park hopper”. a single day? $75 for adults and kids over 10, and $63 for kids 3-9. That’s just the tickets to get into the park. Add in $50-100 a night for cheap lodging, $50-100 a day for food (and that’s figuring very conservatively) and whatever your plane ride costs, and you’re well over two grand. The kids don’t want souvenirs, do they?

  • We segue into movies being very expensive, too – and Joe touches upon a theater owner that set aside one night a week as a “free movie night”, which we all agree is brilliant.
  • Sam comes back at that point, and we talk about movie houses and family entertainment.
  • We get into kids eating habits and the changes they go through when they hit about two years old – all of a sudden, they don’t like stuff!
  • I tell the ebay story about the legos, and we all agree that buying toys second hand is the way to go because they’re too expensive to buy new.
  • Then Sam drops off the call (we find out later that his laptop battery died on him) and me and Joe wrap it up at just under an hour.

Fun show!

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