Geek Dads @ Home #22 – Finding My (Google) Voice


This week, I and my co-host Joe Magennis join forces once again to fight the forces of evil! Okay, maybe not the forces of evil, but we do fight the forces of bad parenting and non-geeky pursuits, and those can be a little bit evil.

We cover, in chronological order:

  • Having guests on the podcast – want to talk on the show? Contact us!
  • Keeping the kids safe around the house, and at what point do you start needing assistance? Joe’s getting a babysitter to come by the house for a little while during the day.
  • Controlling the computers from other rooms to troubleshoot for the kids, and the sense of wonder kids have for technology at this young age because they don’t take it for granted yet.
  • The iPhone, again. Sorry. I give my opinions after having it for a week.
  • Google Voice – setting up a new phone number and how to fit it into your life. Lifehacker has a good article about it.
  • Do people still memorize phone numbers? Don’t people just run off contact lists now? Well, no, because we’re teaching our kids to memorize our numbers.
  • Moving all my email to Gmail because of the superior spam filtering. Apple’s Mail filters aren’t cutting it anymore.
  • Trust issues with Google when it comes to archiving voice mail, text and everything else they archive. There’s a great book that Joe recommends called Googling Security: How Much Does Google Know About You?
  • Buying books, college textbooks and education expenses.
  • Buying and selling from my new favorite source,
  • What is the future of college bookstores and bloated, expensive college textbooks?

We had a great show, and we’d love to hear what you think about anything we covered this week!

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