Geek Dads @ Home #24 – The Recording Method, Allen Stucker, and Comics


This week on the Geek Dads @ Home podcast, Joe and I were joined by our special guest, Allen Stucker. Allen answered our call for guest geek dads and provided us with a great conversation.

Before Allen joined us, Joe and I talked about a new recording method for the podcast. I decided to give Ubercaster a try. After a rough start – due entirely to my misunderstanding of how to add audio to the live recording – we discussed all the benefits of using a full-fledged recording studio-style program. Prior to trying out Ubercaster, it took five programs to do the podcast from recording to posting. Ubercaster does it all.

After a few minutes of technical talk, we brought Allen in. On a side note, I was surprised and pleased to learn that the Skype dialing tones that Joe mentioned don’t show up in the recording when using Ubercaster.

Allen Stucker is a father of four girls – the oldest at 16, the twins at 15, and the youngest at 12. Allen is a sports geek, a programmer, and a comic book geek, which is what we spent the most time on. We talked about comics history and continuity, among other things.

We actually ran a little short this week, coming in at only 46 minutes, but we hope you enjoy it! We’re still on the lookout for geek dads to join us in a 30-minute guest spot, so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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