Geek Dads @ Home #25 – Spiders and Podcasts and Supporting Independent Music, Oh My!


Another week, another episode of the Geek Dads @ Home! Joe and I welcome David Jacobs, a podcaster, geek dad and self-professed New Media Wonk for our guest segment. We begin with some commentary on Ubercaster, the podcasting software that I’m attempting to use for recording the show. It started off so promisingly… but proceeded to crash twice and have strange audio input issues with Skype during the recording. I’ve got two more chances to use the software before I have to buy it, so I’m going to try to get to the bottom of these issues over the weekend.

Next up is a telling of my black widow spider story. We found one in the garage on Sunday! Nobody was bitten, so it’s not that interesting, but I do explain what happened and the differences between the black widow and the brown recluse. Guess which one is more dangerous.

We take a short break to give Joe’s daughter, Lily, a bottle. When we come back, David joins us for the guest segment, and turns in one of my favorite segments of the show to date – even though I wasn’t participating nearly as much as Joe was! David’s a great guy, and very knowledgeable about podcasting and geekery. His ten-year-old daughter, Virginia, said ‘hi’ to kick off the segment. Here’s the rundown:

  • David is considering a move up to Portland – quite a nice area, so I’ve heard.
  • Baby monitors, audio and video. The quality of video monitors is quite low, apparently, and we agree that going with a webcam would be a good idea. We also kick around the idea of outdoor security cams and hooking them up to solar power packs from cheap driveway accent lighting.
  • We talk about David’s podcasts beginning with “Some Dude From Cali“, which is his personal show. It’s not a show with a mission or a cause, it’s just a creative outlet for whatever David feels like talking about.
  • His second podcast is Rock N’ Roll Jew, a podcast dedicated to rock music from Israel. This leads into a discussion of the music industry in general and corporate radio specifically.
  • What’s wrong with commercial radio? DJ’s no longer program their own playlists. Independent music is the way to go, and the only way to make an impact is to shift your dollars away from corporate music. The executives only understand spreadsheets. If you affect their spreadsheets by buying independent music rather than the latest corporate clone, you will have an affect on the industry.
  • We cover the use of music in podcasting and David gives us some great resources:
  • Podcasting equipment – David uses a Heil pr40 microphone, which is pretty awesome.
  • David’s third podcast is Connected World Radio, which is part of Connected World Media, his business.
  • His daughter, Virginia, is into podcasting was well, and especially YouTube – which is apparently very popular with the kids these days. We talk about sponsorships and advertising in podcasts.
  • We neglected to bring up Jim Kukral‘s name this time, breaking a very long streak, but we did talk about Twitter. David says that Twitter is a lump of clay. It’s nothing and everything, it just depends on how you shape it.
  • Business marketing – how much time do you have to market your business? If you can’t find the time, you’re in trouble. Spend less time producing fliers and other printed (and expensive, and easy-to-throw-away) fliers and ads. Spend more time in the digital realm. Internet tools are usually free, and podcasts can be a tremendous bang for the buck.

We finish up with some conversation about C.C. Chapman, mommy bloggers and how daddy bloggers & podcasters (hey, that’s us!) are on the rise.

Great show! We’d love to hear what you think in the comments, and if you’d like to be a guest on the show, give us a shout via the contact form. See you next week!

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