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Special guest Jason Rubacky from ShareASale

Think Tank! I was curious about Jason’s point of view of the event, and his first answer? “Busy!” We talk about our impressions of Think Tank 2009.

We talk about working for ShareASale, living in Chicago, and how Jason and I actually lived about a mile away from each other a few years ago and didn’t know it.

Jason’s daughter is in first grade and has an admirer! She says that he follows her around – is he stalking her? We agree that it’s probably nothing, but better to talk to the teacher just to be on the safe side and make sure it’s just six-year-olds being six-year-olds.

My daughter has a boyfriend! She’s not friends with any boys in her school, only the girls… except John, because, she says, “he is my boyfriend”. That’s not all though – other girls report that John is their boyfriend! We might need to keep an eye on John.

More about ShareASale – what’s the day-to-day living in Chicago and working at ShareASale like? Jason has nothing but positive things to say about it.

Living in a new city requires finding new babysitters. Jason’s paying upwards of $15-$18 an hour in the city. Yikes! We pay ours $4/hour, and that was after we tried to get her to accept more. (Incidentally, apparently I think I’m still 29 years old, because it wasn’t “15 years ago” that I was babysitting. It was when I was about 14, and that was almost 21 years ago. Great, now I feel old.)

At this point, Jason and I get into talking about poker. If you’re not at all interested in poker… sorry. Jason’s actually a winning player, and those are rare. Online, offline, we cover a lot of ground about the game.

We wrap with Jason’s description of the paint work – graffiti – that Brian gave him permission to do in the men’s room at ShareASale. A cool place to work? Oh, yeah.

Jason's handiwork in the office men's room
Jason's handiwork in the office men's room
Taking a picture in the mirror
Taking a picture in the mirror

Jason can be found at or in a poker room near you.

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