Geek Dads @ Home #37 – Croupy Clark


Show notes by Daniel M. Clark

My son, Ian, is sick with Croup! I describe what that’s been like for the past three days and how parents can deal with it. I mentioned that Eric Nagel told me via Twitter (or was it Facebook? I couldn’t remember during the recording) that his kid got the croup twice a year when the seasons change. That was a mistake – Eric had contacted me earlier in the day about me moving away from Twitter and into Facebook, it was Jared Saunders that told me via Facebook (around the same time of day) that his son gets it twice yearly. My bad.

Speaking of Twitter and Facebook, Joe and I talk at length about me moving away from Twitter and into Facebook. My grand plan is to only use Twitter to interact with people who aren’t on Facebook. During this segment I demonstrate what a Facebook noob I am.

We also talk about FriendFeed and the lack of interest in it since Facebook bought it, the new Lists feature on Twitter (trying to figure out if they’re worth using). Another new thing from Twitter, the built-in Retweet, gets some coverage, too.

We wrap with discussion about baby sign language and the Signing Time DVD series, which we’re just huge fans of in our house.

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  1. Re: Twitter / Facebook. I was syncing the two services, but lately, I post more personal / family / friends stuff to Facebook, while Twitter is more affiliate / tech related stuff.

    And you’re right – my kids do NOT get the croup that often! I think we only had it once w/ all three kids.

  2. Yep, color me confused! Soon as I realized my mistake, I tried to see if I could just cut it from the show, but it wouldn’t have worked well, so I make sure it was clear in the notes.

    How are the lights coming along?

  3. We did a small test the other night & even I’m impressed! I took Monday off (taking advantage of the 65-degree weather in Buffalo in November) to lay extension cords, and will probably take off tomorrow, too (sunny & 50’s). 2 weeks away!

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