Geek Dads @ Home #40 – One Year Anniversary Extravaganza-rama!


Notes by Daniel M. Clark.

It’s a Very Special Episode of Geek Dads @ Home! This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of the show, and while I thought perhaps an 80’s sitcom-style Best Of clip show might be fun, we decided that getting original Geek Dads Scott Jangro and Sam Harrelson to join us would be better.

  • Sam is getting back on the podcasting horse, and we discuss software options.
  • Audio podcasting vs. video podcasting – does video have any advantage over audio when you’re just a bunch of talking heads?
  • Catching up with the kids! How have they changed in the past year?
  • Dealing with Christmas and visiting Santa
  • A Christmas Story – Sam and I had both never seen that flick until we were in our 20’s
  • Sam details his history with a Santa Call service back in the early 2000’s
  • Moving to tech, we talk about Snow Leopard and how none of us have had any of the problems that have been widely reported in the past couple of months, but we do miss things like Google Gears
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Wave
  • Twitter – Sam’s awesome video from 3 years ago still gets views! Scott’s I Hate Twitter post is still #3 on Google for that keyphrase!
  • How Twitter is becoming a primary source of breaking news and is becoming indespensible for some folks.
  • Sam left the show to be a teacher, we catch up with how his experiences have been so far. It’s been great, but the school likes to block access to a number of web sites, sometimes inexplicably.
  • I describe my experiences with the iPhone so far.
  • Dan Bricklin’s® Note Taker – an amazing new iPhone app that allows you to take notes on your iPhone by drawing with your finger. (Post-show note – I downloaded the free version, and it’s as awesome as we described on the show).
  • Droid – Scott compares it to the iPhone from his own personal experiences. He owns and uses both.
  • Google Voice
  • Sticking it to The Man. Steve Jobs is now The Man, when did that happen? Apple is the new Evil Empire?
  • Google DNS vs. OpenDNS
  • Desktop email vs. web-based and working with Gmail.
  • Fringe – a show worthy of recommendation.
  • Lost – our thoughts and hopes for the final season, and why none of us liked Charlie (or Boone)
  • Dollhouse – it’s done, Sam.
  • Sci-fi on TV and in movies.
  • Sam is participating in a Klingon Club with students at his school, complete with language and history study & discussion. We have crowned a new King of Geeks.
  • The demise of the CrunchPad – none of us fully believes Arrington’s story at face value, we decided.
  • The Apple tablet – imaginary capabilities of an imaginary device with an imaginary price point. It might imaginarily succeed, but it might imaginarily fail. Nobody can imagine what will actually happen.
  • We wrap with a short bit about the lovely Danika Patrick of NASCAR and GoDaddy fame (Google Images link, safe for work, unless your boss is really uptight).

We had a great time on the show this week, and it clocks in at exactly 100 minutes of geeky goodness. Join us next week for even more!

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