Geek Dads @ Home #41 – Mr. Yuk is Green!


Show notes by Daniel M. Clark

This week we welcome back to the show Eric Nagel, who last appeared in episode 34: The 180 Days of Christmas. Eric is back to give us an update on his massive Christmas lights project, as well as his nomination for Affiliate of the Year.

  • Eric’s nomination for Affiliate of the Year
  • iPhone accessories: credit card readers, bar code scanners and the pic2shop app
  • Grocery store loyalty programs
  • RFID and future tech
  • Eric’s Christmas lights display

Wizards in Winter Christmas Lights from Eric Nagel on Vimeo.

Christmas Lights / Prince of Peace from Eric Nagel on Vimeo.

  • Guitar Hero house
  • Christmas trees and keeping them alive – nothing but water
  • Live trees vs. fake trees
  • When is the right time to tell your kids about Santa not being real?
  • Fiber optic to the home – it’s coming to Joe’s area
  • Movie ratings and parental responsibility
  • Mr. Yuck!
  • The state of California is wacky with regulations
  • Affiliate Summit and the charity poker tournament to benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation

We had a great show, running just over an hour. Thanks to Eric Nagel for joining us!

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