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The Geek Dads gather ’round the computers and don the headphones and mikes once again to talk about things both geeky and dad… y. Dad-ish? Okay, that last part didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean.

We began with something deep, meaningful and insightful: where can you get Orange Crush, and what do you call soda? Soda? Pop? Coke?

We continue in the food & drink theme with talk of sweet tea and chicken & dumplings, and waitresses who try to describe a dish by asking, “well, do you know what soup is?”

Sam would like to see Affiliate Summit East held somewhere further south, like Charlotte or Atlanta. The rest of us agree. Just don’t do Orlando or Miami again.

Joe schools us on NASCAR, and he and Sam have some great insight into the sport. I pretty much fall silent since I don’t know squat about NASCAR. We turn to college football, and I offer the opinion that modern sports are less about the game and more about the sport, if that makes sense. Too much money involved. Sam laments that players don’t stick with teams for very long and that can affect fan loyalty.

Joe enjoys the pagentry of college football, and his daughter sells him out by telling his wife “daddy likes cheerleaders”. I tell a story of Winter telling a complete stranger what she was buying at the store yesterday, and Scott tells us how his son Alex went through a similar phase. Kids can be chatty.

Then… tragedy strikes! Technical difficulties force me to make some edits and… well, you’ll see.

We pick back up with a discussion about Google, privacy, Latitude, and GPS location services. We ask, and mostly answer, the question, “what’s the difference between Google and Microsoft?”

The Big Switch gets a mention.

Sam’s love for the Kindle rears its ugly head again, which leads into a discussion of copyright and ripping off books. Try doing a Google search for dune .pdf and see what comes up.

We get into the differences between Mac and Windows, as all good geeks periodically must. We don’t, however, take [much] of a stand on which platform is superior. Have you ever had a 2GB+ Outlook PST file?

We wrap with a few comments on cloud computing and data backup and storage from services like Live Mesh, Dropbox and Jungle Disk.

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