Geek Dads @ Home #14: Morning Boob and Dental Spikes


(Sorry, this one’s late to get posted. We had it up only on #15 is on it’s way any minute.)


The full compliment of geek dads (Scott Jangro, Joe Magennis, Daniel M. Clark and Sam Harrelson) circle the changing table for another bottle full of GeekDads@Home this week.

Show Notes: (Scott and Sam’s New Blog) and Thesis Fatigue
– and the Rise of Marketing Podcasts
– Morning Boob
– Pacifiers and Teeth
– Skype Troubles
– Google and Our Kids’ Futures
– Doodlebook Facebook Spam
– FTW?

The show runs a full “it’s not a smile, it’s gas” hour and nine minutes.

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