Geek Dads @ Home #15: What's Eating You?


eatingbread.pngSince the only real geeky stuff happened in the pre-show chatter, I just left it in. Hang in a few minutes for the intros and the real show start.

We missed a week (sorry!) and this week’s show is one dad short. Sam Harrelson is MIA/AWOL, and otherwise we have the normal, well usual but definitely not normal, crew of Joe Magennis, Daniel M. Clark, and Scott Jangro.

  • Audio Hijack Pro vs. Wire Tap Studio
  • Levelator for cleaning up audio.
  • Ian’s revolutionary new sleeping patterns – sleep from afternoon through morning.
  • Wynter on a bread and butter diet. Scott and Joe weigh in on their babies’ current eating activities.
  • Ellyn Satter’s Child of Mine; Feeding With Love and Good Sense
  • Grazing, Force feeding, coercion, manipulation, tomato, tom-ah-to, and the dreaded “no thank you helping”
  • Bad ebay experience – smoky legos?
  • Moving kids into the same room together
  • Taking kids camping in the North Georgia Mountains
  • Sharing, Over protection, and inevitable hospital visits.
  • Twitter and Jim Kukral (that was close we almost forgot to mention those things. Sam, we need you!)

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