Geek Dads @ Home #18 – The Great Breakdown of 2009


Just an FYI that we plan to continue producing quality content with the new iteration of Geek Dads at Home.  As most of you know Sam Harrelson has “Left the Building” and is preparing for his 8th grade teaching gig under the name Griffin Science at the Spartanburg Day School.

We will miss his insights, but we know he will be inspiring some young minds to think critically, challenge the norm, and explore the world of science and metaphysics.

Daniel and Scott start us off discussing the new equipment setup in the Clark household after he experienced The Great Breakdown of 2009.

Daniel bought a 17″ MacBook Pro — Sweet! As well as putting in a Mac Mini for basic household usage with the typical OS X parental controls performing well for parents wanting some protections.  Keep in mind to set the controls in Firefox as well.

In the Dad category we’ve moved into new stages of mobility for the kids, with Lily doing the Army “crawl function” in keeping up with Jason .. entering into the ability to wreck anything on low shelving.  We are making the predication that Jason will be walking by the first of July, with Lily not too far behind!

We’re dealing with the issue of the babies coping with their older sibling taking all the toys away and in general acting out in jealous moments. Watch out for Alex who planted a foot to the forehead of Jason yesterday earning himself a timeout.

It reminds Joe of a Christian Laettner Moment:

Anyone who has had children in daycare will admit that they come home with every illness imaginable, but Lily at this stage has not had many sick days.  It’s not necessarily a good thing as we all agree it will only happen in the long run.

A quick review of household chores ranging from painting the kids rooms, to wallpapering and tree removal makes anyone around the house ache with the to do list.

Vacations are coming up with both Scott and Joe hitting Cape Cod over the summer, with Joe having to deal with the fact that Sierra turning three means she must have her own plane ticket .. ($250.00 round trip). Daniel hits Rhode Island for a wedding in the near future.

At what age do you have vivid memories?  Daniel predicts that Winter coming up on 4 years old will have some good memories of her great grandfather coming up, Daniel recollects his tumble down the stairs at 3 or 4 years old.  We ponder whether pictures or home movies are why we have our childhood memories.little-frog-photo

For the younger kids in the audience you will be able to relate to the fact that there are a lot less movies and photos around of our second children, even after upgrading the equipment that we have around including Nikon Cool Pix and Flip Cameras.

Anyone who likes the posed child photography with props and costumes is not going to like the consensus here.  Unanimously we all despise the professional studio photography route.

But for you Dads out there, pay attention to when they announce School Picture Day so that you won’t take the heat for years and years of poor attire in the annual class picture.

And finally, we try talk about implementing Facebook Connect integration on sites where comments will feed into the news feeds for all friends to see. Keep an eye on Scott’s magazine price comparison site for further developments on this front.

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