Geek Dads @ Home #2: Growing Up PowerPoint




This week, the GeekDads (Daniel Clark, Joe Magennis and Sam Harrelson) welcomed a new member to the show, Brad Waller.  Brad has pretty strong credentials as both a dad and a geek, as he explains, so he’ll be a welcome voice to the show.

After Brad’s initiation, the show quickly jumps into chat about which geeky toys were awaiting the kids for the holidays.  Sam’s daughter received a Vtec “kid’s” laptop for Christmas and he was amazed and just how quickly and intuitively she was able to pick up on the general mechanics of the device (keyboard, mouse, etc) since she’s only 14 months old!  What follows is a long and interesting discussion on how quickly kids are becoming accustomed to tools such as laptops and even iPhones in their journey towards adulthood while living a digital childhood.

That conversation moves into a conversation about whether or not children and teens should bring (not have, but bring) laptops to school.  The conversation is driven by Brad’s story of how his daughter’s school is relying on PowerPoint and presentation software for project reports, making computer usage mandatory.

Of course, this leads to some nostalgia among the GeekDads as they stroll down memory lane into the kb driven world of the early 90’s, 80’s and 70’s when they were cutting their teeth in the primordial ooze of technology that would become the www and laptops.

The conversation turns to the Wii and its family friendly nature.  This is an interesting discussion of the little gaming machine that could, and how it won the hearts of both geeks, grandparents and young kids all over the world because of its retro style of gaming compared to more advanced gaming machines like the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Little Ian Clark had a big week and the GeekDads discuss the topic of baby circumcision.  You’ll have to listen to that segment on your own.

To wrap up the show, the GeekDads discuss how and if marketing to parents and kids will affect platforms such as Twitter or the iPhone.  Daniel and Sam have a particular take on the topic of the iFart app developed by Joel Comm, so you’ll have to listen for their views on that as parents.  The discussion hit on a constant stream of the podcast that tackles the difficult and often gray-area of how to protect (and educate) kids on the web without being unnecessarily draconian.  There are lots of good tips for parents from Joe, Daniel and Brad in this segment.

All in all, the show runs a very quick but fun 75 minutes.

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Happy New Year from the GeekDads!

[update from Daniel – the Twitter user who followed me after I tweeted about olive oil was @iloveoliveoil, as I thought. Just wanted to verify that for you. Great example of someone using search or track to connect with people.]

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