Geek Dads @ Home #1: Happy Birthday Ian Clark


There is no better way to kick off our brand new podcast, Geek Dads at Home than by announcing the birth of a baby boy.  Welcome to the world Ian Clark!  (Photos to come)

The premise of our podcast revolves around three dads working from home while we provide day care for our kids.  We will share our insights on the tools that allow us to function in this set up, but more importantly the podcast gives us a record in our own voices of the experiences of raising our children.  The hope is that some time in the future, when they can best appreciate it, our kids will subscribe to this RSS feed and hear their dad’s perspectives on their lives growing up ….

Right off the bat we get to discuss how twitter and social media in general have connected geographically dispersed people all waiting to hear the good news of a baby’s birth. Whether it is family, friends or acquaintances these tools enable the spread of information faster and farther than the multitude of phone calls and letters as in days past.

As we launch this podcast we separately had to come to terms with putting our children on line in a safe way.  On Dave Taylor’s blog Attachment Parenting he addresses his reluctance to put photos of his children on the web site, while we have all come to the conclusion that our children are going to grow up with a much different sense of online privacy.  It is incumbent upon us as parents to teach them about online safety and what is acceptable behavior.

As we launch the podcast during the Christmas holiday week, we are excited about our kids ability to conduct Skype or Google video calls with the grandparents.  We all grew up with the fantasy of conducting calls with the ability to see the other person .. for our children this ends up as just a regular occurence.

On the list of fun holiday gifts:

Logitech video cams for grandparents

Wifi picture frames linked to Flickr or Picassa

Dora Big Wheel


The Chumby

Finally we get to hear about the decision to go with the name Ian Clark, as well as the previous decision to go with Winter in reference to the Star Wars character Winter Celchu.

Another Star Wars reference, Top Ten moments of Empire Strikes Back at I-Mockery.

And once again …. Happy Birthday to Ian Clark!

What do you think about our first podcast?  We would love to know what you think and any topics you would like us to cover in the future.  Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. Oh I know… some people don't believe me when I mention the 12 thing and I don't know HOW they've managed to raise 12 good, intelligent, promising kids… but they are. Even the youngest two, at 5 and 3, are incredibly bright. I only hope when I eventually have just a COUPLE of kids they turn out as well!

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