Geek Dads @ Home #3: My Baby is a Burrito


Baby SwaddleScott Jangro joined the Geek Dads for this episode. Scott is a father of three and meets our geeky requirements, so he was a welcome voice on the show!

We covered a fair range of topics today, including:

  • What should be taught in schools – based on a finances vs. math Twitter conversation from earlier in the day.
  • They say kids are more mature at earlier ages these days. Are they really?
  • College alumni gatherings are changing.
  • Twitter phishing and people giving their credentials to random sites.
  • Scott’s daycare situation.
  • The kids sleeping in swings and swaddling.
  • Moby Wraps
  • BPA and baby bottles.
  • Causing harm to your kids, smoking and asthma.

All in all, it was a fun show, clocking in at a hair under an hour. Good times for geek dads!

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  2. Nice podcast guys. I just got my iPhone and it's definitely the best phone eva! So whoever said they don't have one go get it. On the classes, I wish I did have a class on how to deal with money. They would have told me shop less save more! Keep up the good podcasts.

  3. Cute pic geekdad. And yeah I agree phishing has become a serious concern and a threat to online world. Hope things get better

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