Geek Dads @ Home #33 – There's An App For That


Geek Dads at Home Joe and Daniel get into a variety of topics this week including recent posts Daniel made regarding Not So Unnecessary Baby Products. We also talk about the 20 most important iPhone apps for parents, domaining as a business, comedians and using Twitter to distribute someone else’s content. fridge

The author of The Almighty Dad web site, Keith Wilcox had a popular post that Daniel decided to write a response for.   Maybe we should do a shout out to Keith or some of the other Dad bloggers including The Geek Dads to do a point / counterpoint discussion about all of these products.

We get into the realm of domainers seeking out valuable real estate on the web and waiting for the right opportunity to sell it.

Daniel points out that he has read some recent discussions about new top level domain pricing and how it will impact the best domains on the web.  Will this be something that can truly be enacted?

We were sent a link by a listener with Mashable’s 20 Fantastic Free iPhone Apps for Parents.

Some of the best:

Sit or Squat – The Bathroom Finder

The Time out App

KidStatz Lite

We also talk about using ICE in your cell phone contact list as a way to provide critical information to EMTs in case you are unable to communicate who they should contact if you are disabled.

Daniel mentions that he can fall asleep at night while listening to Patton Oswalt and George Carlin and I bring up someone I follow on Twitter who has taken to putting Steven Wright quotes throughout all of his stream. Daniel likes a guy named Mitch Hedberg.

We finish up talking about the motivational or inspirational quotes that people put into twitter that have a tendency to come across as insincere.  We talked about it in our last podcast, but the sense is many people try to put a positive spin on everything or emulate someone like Gary Vaynerchuk when they shouldn’t.

Of course, we end up with another Twitter client called Mixero that does great grouping to help keep the noise down.  The entire app is designed to help manage twitter accounts into groups, but without missing the important tweets.

As a teaser for next week’s show :-) we discuss using Dropbox as a way to get the Geek Dads at Home backups stored securely. Daniel has a script for automatically uploading the emailed file.

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