Bill and Ted’s Completely Unnecessary Adventure – Geek Dads Weekly #119


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about holidays, pointless movie sequels, affiliate marketing &, and the recent discovery of a little-known site called eBay. You can buy stuff from them apparently.

We started this week with a bit about tattoos. Greg is the only one of us that has one, but Drew and I are okay with that. Seems like these days, if you want to be a rebel, you should be the one without a tattoo.

Drew’s birthday was this week. He’s on vacation next week and he’s being given a Kia Sorento to use while he’s there. Drew occasionally gets vehicles to drive around and blog about. Pretty sweet deal.

Easter was this week. All our kids had a nice time with candy and presents and egg hunts. I tell a story on the show about my daughter’s letter to the Easter Bunny. Crisis averted. Barely.

Further proof that Hollywood is running out of ideas, there’s a list of 105 movie sequels that are currently in the works. Bill and Ted III? Beetlejuice II? Really?

Greg just discovered eBay. We’re not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Well – it’s good for his Captain America collection… not so good for his wallet perhaps. changed its Terms of Service, no longer associating affiliate marketing with porn. That’s a good thing, but I’m not sure they went far enough.

I have a Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central for sale. If you’re looking for a pass to the sold out conference, I’m your guy. Read all the details and get in touch with me.

Drew has taken and posted a photo a day for seven yearsSeven years, not a day missed.

Lastly, Greg has started up a new podcast! It’s about fantasy baseball, and it can be heard at Greg, Mike Buechele, Nate Smith and Eric Souza make up the cast of The Affiliate Boys of Summer.

[update – I found the sensory deprivation goggles that I mentioned on the show. They are these:

I'll take two.

nice, huh?]

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