Geek Dads Weekly #1 – New Year, New Name


It’s the first episode! Daniel and Joe are back from the Christmas holidays in a new year with a new show name and a new website. 2010 (is that ‘twenty-ten’ or ‘two-thousand-ten’?) is going to be a great year and the Geek Dads are thrilled that you’re along for the ride.

Full Show Notes

There were some recording issues this week that, regrettably, resulted in strong reverb on most of the show. Rather than trash the recording and skip the first week, it was decided to post it with as much clean-up as could be applied.

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  1. Great show, guys!

    Re: things not to buy in 2010 (twenty-ten)
    The point about CDs isn’t about quality, but the change in hardware format. When’s the last time you bought a PC / laptop that had a floppy drive? I can’t even get to my backed up data that’s saved on Zip drives. My latest computer, a netbook, doesn’t even have a DVD / CD drive. I think Joe said, if you buy a CD, you’re going to rip it right away. Whatever digital music player you have in the future will *probably* play mp3s, but you can’t fit a vinyl record in a CD player.

    Either way… glad to have you guys back!

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