Geek Dads Weekly #31 – It Looks a Little Bit Like Desperation


This week begins with an update for the Affiliate Marketers Give Back charity project we’re doing with Jim Kukral’s Attention! book. As of the time of this writing, the book is either with Chris Brogan or on its way back. Depending on how many more signatures we can secure, the auction may be happening in time for the holidays, which would be a great present for the organization.

Drew gives us the rundown of the Modern Media Man conference that he’s attending later this week, including details of his session, which leads into a broader discussion of industry conferences.

Apple had their event recently, announcing the new iPod line-up, the Apple TV and iTunes 10. We cover a bit of photography with HDR on the iPhone 4 and the new Ping service.

We talk about one of our favorite podcasts, Sarcastic Voyage. Hi, Aal. Hi, Matt. Go check them out, they’re awesome.

Next up, Affiliate Summit and the session that two of your Geek Dads are planning. We’ll have more details about that as we get closer to the session submission deadline, but basically, it’s an improv session that will take suggestions from the audience and build ideas around them.

[Additional show notes forthcoming. Kids. What can you do?]

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