Geek Dads Weekly #32 – It’s the Joe Show!


Joe’s back! Show co-founder and co-host Joe Magennis is back from his extended hiatus. He’s settled into his new location and ready to start talking again.

This week begins a new format for Geek Dads Weekly. The show is now being produced twice weekly – Daniel and Drew will do an hour-long episode on Sunday nights, and Daniel & Joe will be doing 30-minute shows on Thursday afternoons.

Topics this time include:

  • Updates from Joe – moving, how the girls are dealing with school
  • The trials and tribulations of selling a house – Daniel’s going through some drama with his, and Joe is still trying to sell his. If you’re selling – or thinking about selling – a house, this segment of the show might be of particular interest to you. Shawn Collins’ use of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads in selling his house was very impressive to the guys.
  • Discussion of Facebook Ads and Shoemoney’s Facebook Ads session from Affiliate Summit East 2010.
  • Sports! Being a geek is not dependent upon having a passion for comic books (Shawn!). Whatever topic you’re passionate about, that’s what you geek out over. Joe is a baseball geek, and this week marks the beginning of his weekly baseball/sports segment (the name of which will be determined at a later time).
  • MLB At Bat for iPad is Joe’s favorite new baseball-related iPad app. It’s awesome.

Thanks for listening!

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