Geek Dads Weekly #33 – Well That's Not a Very Good Lunch!


Blargh. Blaaaaaargh. Forget pirates. September 19th should be Talk Like Golizza Day. Blargh.

This is Geek Dads Weekly Sunday, with Daniel and Drew.

Daniel didn’t have a very good day. The show begins with a story about a very, very rude woman at the coffee shop and how his day went from bad to worse – but it got better toward the end, and by the time the show got recorded, he was feeling better. There’s a great Busch Gardens story, too.

Speaking of amusement parks, Drew is heading to Disneyworld! He’s doing it old school and low tech, bringing only his cameras and an iPad (a non-3G iPad, so internet access will not be a given). One cool part about this is that Kodak is sending him a M580 camera to test out while he’s there. Sweeeet.

Next, Daniel goes over some of his podcasting plans for the next few months, which include a couple of new shows and the resurrection of Daniel Destroys.

Drew has been working with Seagate, and goes over his experiences with their GoFlex line of products. This is pretty awesome stuff, you don’t want to miss it.

The team discovers that microphone problems – what we call Cyloning – isn’t a show stopper after all, especially when you’re recording a double-ender.

Daniel has a funny story about Winter’s lunch that his wife… well… it wasn’t a very good lunch. Winter, ever the drama princess (she’s too young to be a queen) had an awesome reaction.

Our comics segment this week was pretty thin. Neither host has been to his local shop to pick any up in a couple of weeks. There was a bit of talk about the iPad comics apps, but the big comics-related story was Daniel’s trip to the downtown location of his local comics shop for a poker tournament Friday night. He did quite well.

Drew has a bit of Transformers history to share, then wraps the show with some Blogworld news – prizes and giveaways galore, so if you’re going to Blogworld, make sure you catch up with him there!

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