Geek Dads Weekly #36 – I’m Going to Dizz-Knee World!


This week’s Sunday Edition with Daniel and Drew leads off with discussion of the proposed Affiliate Improv session at Affiliate Summit West 2011. This is a panel that both hosts are a part of, and it could really use your support! Visit the voting page and give it a tick, won’t you?

According to Todd Farmer, Daniel is an amazing podcast master. With the relaunch of his AffPlan podcast, Todd got some inspiration from the intro format that has been used on Geek Dads Weekly. The short, five-minute relaunch episode (similar to something GDW did with episode zero) is great – though it sounds like Lisa Picarille has a cold. Get well soon, Lisa!

Drew just returned from spending a week at Disney World, and the bulk of the show is dedicated to discussion about the most magical of kingdoms. There were ups, there were downs, if you’re planning a trip to Orlando in the near future, Drew’s tips might be helpful.

The comics segment this skipped week, the pair deciding instead to touch on a new DVD release from DC Animated (affiliate link) and Drew’s experience with Transformers media.

The show wraps with a bit of coverage for the Flipboard iPad app (Drew likes it, Daniel finds it too unorganized for his liking) and a plug for Drew’s upcoming panel at Blogworld – you won’t want to miss that if you’re hitting Vegas next week!

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