Geek Dads Weekly #38 – Irony


Hey, Daniel here. Remember last Thursday’s episode wherein I was saying how doing two shows a week was great because I work well under pressure? Remember how I was saying that the schedule was good for me because I know that I can’t be posting Sunday’s show on Wednesday because there’s a new one to post on Thursday?

Check the post date on this episode, recorded Sunday the 10th.

But you know what? These things happen. I’m not going to explain why the show is late being posted because it’s not important. The important thing is the lesson that no matter what your best intentions are, sometimes mistakes get made and you just have to accept that. Your blog posts won’t show up on time, your newsletters will get hung up on the server, your podcasts will be late. As long as you make your best effort and it’s not a regular occurrence, you just have to apologize to the audience and let it go.

So… sorry. Moving on!

This is the Sunday show with me and Drew!

I’m not gonna lie to you kids, this is an especially geeky episode. We talk at length about things like Smallville and whether or not Superman should put on the cape or not. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the rundown:

We open with a great idea for a new award: The Poddys! If they can have Webby awards, why not an award for podcasters? Poddys, potties – we talked a bit about potty training as well. What works, what doesn’t, and how I’ve never subscribed to Bosnian Parenting magazine.

Speaking of magazines, SkyMall is awesome. Well, awesome in ironic way, in that it’s not awesome at all. It’s quite bad. In a good way. You follow? Drew took some pictures of a few things from SkyMall and put some funny captions to ’em. If you’re connected to Drew on Facebook, you can see them there.

Right at this point in the show we start talking TV – How I Met Your Mother, Smallville and all the geeky stuff that goes along with it. Then we tear apart the Fantastic Four movies thanks to an awesome quote from Gail Simone. More superhero TV as we talk a bit about a new show called No Ordinary Family.

Sunday was Eva’s third birthday! Drew’s got the recap of the big day. That leads into a discussion about cup cakes – what on earth is the deal with these $5.00 cupcakes? How insane is that?

Drew’s checking out the Kodak M580 and has a bit of a review for the show.

I dropped the big news about my new podcast! It’s called Inside Internet Marketing. It’s an interview series and the first few episodes will be recorded at Shareasale’s Think Tank event next week. I’m not linking to the site yet because it’s not complete, but soon… very soon… like Geek Dads Weekly, it’ll be hosted at I went into some detail about how I’m going to be recording the interviews while on my trip, and what equipment I’ll be using.

(I got the Blue Snowball USB mic (in black) delivered last night, it’s pretty great.) [affiliate link]

I also go over my plans for a couple of other podcasts related to comics, which may or may not see the light of day before the end of the year. They’d be video podcasts most likely (shout out to Jim Kukral’s Online Video Toolkit here).

Drew has more details to share about Blogworld at this point, and if you’re going, be sure to check out his panel because there’s going to be prizes! (and because it’ll be a great panel, of course). Kodak is giving out some great stuff at the panel. He’s heading to Blogworld courtesy, in part, of Seagate via Collective Bias.

Thanks for listening!

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