Geek Dads Weekly #39 – So Bad it’s Good!


It’s the Geek Dads Weekly Thursday Edition with Daniel M. Clark and Joe Magennis!

We’ve got a great show for you today. Joe and I start off with an update on each of our living arrangements – selling houses and doing it digitally when possible. We then jump into an exciting new development from Google – the automated car. It’s a car that drives itself, folks, and if you don’t think that this is the single most important advancement in human transportation since the invention of the car itself… well, you might be right. But we disagree. In fact, I take it one step further in suggesting that this might be the first step toward the mythical flying car. Jetsons here we come!

Joe has connected Facebook to Skype and explains a bit of the whys and hows of it. Doesn’t it seem like Facebook is just everywhere right now?

Joe’s sports segment – we’ll have music for it eventually! – is dedicated to Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox, who retired recently. Cox was the manager of the Braves for over two decades, and will be missed by fans of the team. His managerial record is astounding. Enjoy retirement, sir.

We close with a lesson learned from the previous episode’s production – and then another podcasting lesson as Skype disconnected our call. Things happen. Nobody and nothing is perfect. You just do your best and if something goes awry, you learn from it and move on.

(That said, Sunday’s episode 40 will definitely be late. Drew and I are planning on recording possibly Monday from Think Tank since he’s on a plane home from Blogworld on Sunday and I’ve got an early flight Monday morning.)

Thanks for listening!

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