Geek Dads Weekly #41 – Battlestars, Chevy Tahoes, and Think Tanks


This is the Sunday episode with Daniel and Drew!

We were both tired going into the recording this time; Drew had just returned from an awesome road trip, and I decided to stay up until 3am Saturday night watching Battlestar Galactica (hey, the title isGeek Dads Weekly, folks). I narrowly avoided laying some spoilers on Drew – even though the show debuted back in 2003/2004 and has been off the air since 2009 and I think it’s fair game to talk about, I’m not going to lay a bunch of spoilers on him (or the audience, in case folks are, like me, late to the party).

Next, Drew talks about an awesome road trip he had in a Tahoe supplied by Chevy. He made arrangements with the company to have the vehicle delivered to his home and spent a few days driving to various events. He’ll have write-ups and video soon at Pretty cool!

Someone on Twitter earlier in the day talked about children calling adults by their first names, and seemed to support that. I don’t, and I asked Drew about it.

Lastly, my recap of the Shareasale Think Tank event, which was simply awesome (the event, not the recap – although the recap is pretty good, too). I arrived Monday afternoon, had a lovely lunch withGreg HoffmanTricia Meyer and Cindy Ballard, then checked into the Ritz-Carlton. The reception Monday night was fantastic, the sessions on Tuesday were fun and informative, and the wine tasting Tuesday night was… well, I explain it on the show. Wednesday we wrapped up, and once again, Brian and the Shareasale crew knocked it out of the park. Think Tank continues to be one of the highlights of my year.


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