Geek Dads Weekly #42 – The Future of Social Networks -or- Daniel is a Crackpot


It’s the Thursday episode with Daniel and Joe!

We began this week with a bit about recording a podcast using a USB microphone, Apple’s Camera Connection Kit and an iPad, including a bit that I recorded at a session at Shareasale Think Tank (cameos here by Jason Rubacky, Shawn Collins, and Chris Pearson).

Next is discussion of social media and networks. Are there too many? How many do average users use, and what would it take to get someone to use a new one? Is that even possible?

I’m probably a crackpot for suggesting what I did in the next segment… have computer operating systems hit a dead end? I think they might have. Sure, they’ll be improved – you can always tighten up your code, reduce bloat and increase speed and efficiency… but features? What can Microsoft or Apple add to their operating systems that third parties haven’t already perfected? Where’s the innovation? (I’m lookin’ at you, OS X Lion)

You know what I hate? Arrogance. There’s a difference between having great self esteem or a solid sense of worth and true arrogance. I told a story on the show about a podcaster who is very, very arrogant. I didn’t name names because it’s not necessary to make my point, but if you are an aspiring podcaster, I have a very valuable lesson for you this week (and that’s not arrogance talking, that’s fact ;)

Joe’s Sports Minute this week is devoted to the World Series and the history of the Texas Rangers. Did you know that the team began as the Washington Senators? I didn’t. Joe did. That’s why it’s Joe’s Sports Minute, not Daniel’s Sports Minute!

Thanks for listening!

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