Geek Dads Weekly #43 – Boo! Halloween, Free Wi-Fi Dangers and New Twitter Rules


It’s the Sunday episode with Daniel and Drew!

Well, Monday, really. With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, Drew and I decided to do the show after the kids had gone to bed the following night. We lead off with discussion about bedtime routines for our young kids – what works, what doesn’t, what mistakes have been made. Following that, staying on the family topics, we recapped Halloween. Drew went out as Peter Pan, or alternately, Robin Hood. I went out as a podcaster. Or a web developer. Basically, I went out as whatever you can think of that would be well represented by a white t-shirt and jeans. All of our girls – wives and daughters alike – went out as fairies.

Drew talked about Swagsgiving next, which is an awesome contest that you need to be involved with. He’s giving away a ton of conference swag that he’s collected and if your first thought was “yeah, like I want to win a crappy t-shirt”, think again. He’s giving away autographed books, cameras, and all sorts of really awesome stuff. And his method of giving away the prizes is pretty cool, too.

Peter Shankman wrote an article that we discussed next, about the dangers of free wireless hotspots, or wi-fi. There is a vulnerability in the way websites serve up their pages that allows anyone with the Firesheep add-on for Firefox to see you on the network and login to whatever website you’re logged into. Signed into Facebook? Someone with this add-on can get into your account using your login name and password. Same with Twitter, Yahoo, and any number of similar sites. We highly recommend you read Peter’s article about this.

Also in the news, Twitter has rewritten a few of its rules. First, you have to capitalize the T in Tweet. No, seriously. That’s a new “rule”. Listen for more “rules” and how we feel about them.

We wrapped up with a discussion about profane language – when it’s appropriate, when it’s not. What happens when the kids discover profanity? You might be surprised at my answer.

Thanks for listening!

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