Geek Dads Weekly #44 – Disciplining Kids, Facebook Places and The Simultania Project


It’s the Thursday episode with Daniel and Joe!

The episode kids off with a bit of parenting talk. How do you discipline a two year old? What about a five year old? How about a five year old who shrugs off the methods that worked when she was two?

Some big news this week came from Facebook with the launch of Facebook Places to compete with services like Foursquare and Gowalla. I’m not too enthusiastic about it, but Joe is a little on the bullish side – we’ll see how it all plays out in the next few months. Will Facebook be able to supplant those dedicated location-based products?

Joe gave a heads-up about The Simultania Project, a site that anyone with a video camera and a minute to spare next Saturday morning should check out. It’s an awesome idea!

Joe then wrapped up with a Sports Minute – probably the last baseball-related Sports Minute until the season starts up again next year. This time it’s about Candlestick Park and the “Croix De Candlestick” that was handed out to hardcore Giants fans back in the day.

Thanks for listening!

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