Geek Dads Weekly #45 – Why Are You Screaming!?


It’s the Sunday episode with Daniel and Drew!

We began this week with a major snafu – I sort of… well… forgot to hit the record button. Once we got it rolling though, things were good. We started with a bit of a rant about the afternoon that I had to spend at our local Chuck E. Cheese’s (we won’t be taking them on as a sponsor anytime soon, trust me).

Drew had a much better day than I did, hanging out as he did with guys like C.C. Chapman and Steve Garfield at Boston Media Makers. Drew followed up his description of his afternoon with an update on some new video production equipment he just picked up – a Sony ECM Condenser Stereo Microphone and a Sima SL-20LX Ultra Bright Video Light (affiliate links).

Next up, we discussed two contests that we’re running. Drew is still running his SwagsGiving contest over at – definitely go check that out for some awesome prizes – and here at Geek Dads Weekly we’re giving away five Gold passes to Affiliate Summit West 2011! Want to win the first pass? Give us a call! Pick up the phone, dial 281-826-2112 and tell us your name and why you’d like to go to Affiliate Summit West in January.

We wrapped up with a short discussion about a story that’s been getting a lot of media attention this week: the mom that went along with her five-year-old son’s desire to dress up as Daphne, from Scooby-Doo, for Halloween. Neither of us have a problem with the kid’s choice of costume – but we agreed that it’s strange that a mom who takes care not to mention her son’s real name on her blog thought that it was A-OK to put an unaltered picture of him in-costume in the article. Hm.

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Great show! I happened to catch the blog post about the Daphne costume on StumbleUpon before it went crazy big and ended up on Good Morning America. I know a lot of mom bloggers use fake names for their kids. But you are right that it is interesting that they still use pictures.

    I am 100% with you on Chuck E. Cheese. I won't even go there. We have always had a standing "no birthday party at CEC" rule in our house. My husband takes the kids almost every time that I go to a conference, so I don't feel like I am depriving them. But I personally hate it! Bad pizza, germs everywhere….gives me the creeps just thinking about it.

  2. Thanks, Tricia! I'm not one to use fake names or initials to refer to the kids – there is nothing that any bad guy can gain simply by knowing their names. Using a fake name gives parents (most of whom use their own real names, and it's not hard to look them up) a false sense of security. I mean really, how hard is it, when you know a parent's first and last name and where they live, to figure out what their kids' names are? The internet has changed things, but there has never been a time when a kid's name was considered private information… when I was a kid, my sister's name and photo were printed in the paper – no parental consent required.

    I think I just found a topic for the next show :D
    Actually, we're doing bullying on Sunday… maybe after that.

    The CEC thing… I just know we're going to get talked into having a party there when Winter gets older. We'll just make the best of it and hope we don't get sick afterward (my wife is 0-2 for CEC parties – she's been to two and come home with a cold after each).

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