Geek Dads Weekly #47 – Facebook Outs Your Private Emails (Future Headline)


It’s the Sunday episode with Daniel and Drew!

Great show this week, here’s the rundown on the topics we covered:

Have you ever seen a person talk on a cell phone with one hand, flip you off with the other, and drive 70 miles per hour all at the same time? I have. Just did, yesterday. Then I encountered someone who likes to floor it, get up to about 75 then slow down for the traffic light less than a mile down the road. Weird, huh? Why bother speeding? I shared a radical idea for driver education that probably won’t be very popular.

Nintendo is trying to trademark “It’s on like Donkey Kong” because nothing says “We’re hip! We’re relevant!” like trying to trademark a popular phrase that you didn’t invent for your own gain. On a related note, check out the Super Secret Project on YouTube (it’s like a Six Degrees game, the connection between the trademark attempt and the video is explained in the show).

Next up – Facebook mail. What do you think the odds are that your private emails will remain private when they’re being handled by a company that routinely blows up its privacy settings and exposes your private data to anyone who wants it? Oh, don’t worry, you’ll be able to go in and reset your privacy settings after your emails get exposed to all those marketers.

One alternative to Facebook mail, one that Drew and I both use, is Gmail. We talked a bit about Gmail, account forwarding, using mail clients vs. the web interface and the quality of Google’s spam filters.

Lastly, don’t forget we’re running a contest, giving away five Gold passes to Affiliate Summit West in January. Call into our voicemail feedback line (281-826-2112), let us know why you want to go, and we’ll put your name in the pile for the drawing at the end of the month! Your voicemail should include your name, Twitter ID or email, and a comment. Voicemails may be played on the show, but your contact info will be masked out, don’t worry.

Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-826-2112.

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