Geek Dads Weekly #48 – You Can Have Any Kind of Media You Want as Long as It’s Social


It’s the Thursday episode with Daniel and Joe!

Before today’s episode, I fired up my RSS reader to look for topics to cover on the show today. What we ended up with was a list of topics that all (almost all) in some way or another were related to social media. Weird.

We kicked off with, of course, The Beatles on iTunes (affiliate link). It’s hard not to talk about that, as it was the thing on a lot of lips (virtually speaking) on Monday and Tuesday. What’s Apple doing now? Is it streaming music? Is it the Beatles? Is it iOS 4.2? What do those clocks mean? Hey, that kinda looks like the cover of the Help! album. Gotta be the Beatles…

Neither one of us was particularly enamored of the way Apple handled the situation. A day you’ll never forget? Hardly – and Joe’s been a fan for several decades. This discussion led into a bit about bands remastering and re-releasing albums. Are you an audiophile? Can you tell the difference between the Beatles’ 1987 remasters and the 2009 remasters?

Next up, Joe melted some rock recently with the Rockmelt browser – the new browser that seeks to integrate social media into the browsing experience. Time will tell if it’s able to make a dent in the browser market – or if it will ignite a new round of browser wars (something one of its creators is intimately familiar with).

I proved that I know way too much about silly things when we talked about the Smurfs’ Village game for iOS and how it’s the biggest grossing game now, beating out Angry Birds. It’s not without controversy, though.

There were two Twitter-related pieces that we covered next. First, in a bit of a funny story, Shaq gave out his phone number on Twitter. And if you think it was his real number… yeah. Nobody ever accused Shaq of being dumb (not twice, anyway). It was a fun prank. The next story was that of Target buying the #BlackFriday hashtag on Twitter. Neither of us are really on board with the whole Promoted Trend thing, but we kicked it around a bit and tried to come up with some justification for it.

Penultimately.. Google Voice is back on the iPhone. *Yawn*. We both have it, neither of us is going bananas over it.

Joe’s Sports Minute this week is not about baseball, but about NASCAR. As ratings decline, there is some real drama happening in the sport going into the final few races. Some great drivers are neck and neck going into the final standings, making for some pretty exciting stuff. Situations like this could serve to catch the attention of the casual fans that seem to have their attention elsewhere.

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