Geek Dads Weekly #49 – One Week Left


It’s the Sunday… okay, Tuesday, episode with Daniel and Drew!

We kicked off the show this time with a reminder that we’re running a contest: we’re giving away five Gold passes to Affiliate Summit West in January. Call into our voicemail feedback line (281-826-2112), let us know why you want to go, and we’ll put your name in the pile for the drawing at the end of the month! Your voicemail should include your name, Twitter ID or email, and a comment. Voicemails may be played on the show, but your contact info (email, if you give it) will be masked out, don’t worry. We played two voicemails from our first two entrants, Amanda and Patrick!

[Update: it occurred to me that we haven’t clarified this… each winner will receive one Gold pass, not all five. There will be five winners. Sorry if there was any confusion!]

Drew had a great weekend, starting last Thursday with a meeting of Boston Parent Bloggers at Barefoot Books in Concord, MA. The event was catered by the Pea Pod service in partnership with Stop & Shop.

Later, Drew went and saw Tangled, and gave it very, very high marks. It was Eva’s first experience going to the movies, and she had a great time. You’ve got to hear Drew explain it, it’s precious.

We talked about a few other movies, including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I, Tron: Legacy, Starman, and the Chronicles of Narnia series.

Next up, we did a bit about comics and ancient Greek & Roman gods.

Drew wrapped up his weekend with Boston Media Makers and Southern New England Media Makers. The greater Boston area is shaping up to be a real hotbed of geeky social activity. Drew spent two hours talking with the group about tech, what they’re doing with video, audio and internet efforts including affiliate marketing (related links: and

We wrapped up the show with a short discussion about and then an upcoming race that Drew and I will be having in January during Affiliate Summit West 2011. We’ll have more to share as we finalize those plans, but we’re planning on a walking race down the strip. Listen for ways that we’re going to make it interesting!

Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-826-2112.

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