Geek Dads Weekly #5 – Back to the Island


The final season of Lost begins tonight on ABC, but neither Daniel nor Joe will be watching! Both are fans of the show but each has a reason for not watching as it airs – will this mean ignoring Twitter and Facebook for a few days to avoid spoilers? Speaking of TV, is the future of television season-based or will we see a move toward year-round programming as things move online? The Dads also cover CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), the Wiki getting spammed, the “advertising tax” (also known as the “affiliate tax”) and the first Geek Dads Weekly giveaway! Sign up for the new GDW Newsletter to be eligible to win a free copy of Internet Marketing from the Real Experts, a great new book by The Gang of 88, edited by Shawn Collins and Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit. Full details can be found in the show notes.

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  1. Geek Squad is a big, no, HUGE rip off. When I bought my suuonrrd system from Best Buy, I asked about how much their services were.To run a pair of cables up into my attic so they could ceiling mount my rear speakers, they wanted $300. Then, to connect everything up, then wanted another $150.Yeah, that’s $450 for something that took me a few hours to do myself.Seriously, if you have a neighbor or friend who you trust, and is good with technology, buy them a nice dinner and a bottle of wine (or other beverage) in exchange for helping you setup your equipment. You’ll get better results.

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