Geek Dads Weekly #50 – Midlife Crisis


In which Daniel and Drew talk about weight loss, give away some Affiliate Summit passes and wonder about celebrity replies on Twitter.

This being a milestone episode (half a century old!), it’s only fitting that we celebrate by having some technical difficulties, in the spirit of Geek Dads @ Home and Geek Dads Weekly episodes of yore. I’ll get to that in a minute.

We started out with a brief discussion about weight loss and the new podcast at, Yet Another Weight Loss Show. I’m on a mission to drop about 50 pounds, and if that’s of any interest to you, the new show might be right up your alley. I’m sharing my strategies, my successes and my setbacks – and I’m not doing any kind of fad diet, either.

Next up, speaking of food – Thanksgiving! Drew and I each recapped our holiday, and we both agree that a great time was had all around.

Leading into the segment about the winners of the Summit passes, I mentioned that I was using WireTap Anywhere to route audio around my Mac. It’s what made it possible to play the voicemails from our winners in realtime rather than add them in post-production. Turns out, that wasn’t a great idea. The software caused major Skype latency, and actually killed the call at one point. The whole thing was just a mess, and I strongly recommend against this software unless you do some thorough testing first. Maybe it’ll work for you – it didn’t work for me at all.

We do have some winners to announce! Each of our four contest entrants has won a Gold pass to Affiliate Summit West 2011 – congratulations! Our winners are:

We did have five passes to give away, but four entrants means we’ll be giving away that final pass at a later date. Winners will be contacted shortly and given a special code to use when registering for the event.

Drew followed that up with an update of his SwagsGiving contest, which, depending on when you’re reading this, might be over. It ran the month of November and Drew gave away some amazing stuff. Mark your calendars for next November, because there’s sure to be a sequel.

Next: have you had a celebrity reply to you on Twitter? Was that a special moment for you? Did you feel like you connected somehow with the celebrity? I got a reply from Kurt Busiek (okay, not exactly a Kanye-level celebrity, but someone I hold in very, very high esteem). It made me think about celebrity Twitter connections, and we discussed this on the show… right before WireTap crashed the call. Erm. Anyway.

We came back and wrapped up with a bit from Drew about getting ready to try out the new EliptiGO bike. This thing looks awesome in a funky way, and I can’t believe nobody came up with it sooner. Very cool stuff. I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of a… realistic… price. Yow.

Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-826-2112.

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