Geek Dads Weekly #55 – Mommy Blogger, A. Bennett


In which Daniel and Drew discuss the failings of Yahoo, the pointlessness of StumbleUpon, the difficulties of physical fitness and Drew’s status as a Mommy Blogger.

It’s not all negative! True, the leaked information about the closing down of Delicious is yet another nail in Yahoo’s coffin (I’m amazed they’re still in business, to be honest), and true, we did go on a bit of a tear about StumbleUpon’s usefulness (there is none). But we weren’t all negative.

We also talked about fantastic Christmas displays at La Salette over the years and the strange fact that my family used to drive by Drew’s house to get there 25-30 years ago. All this time later, here we are co-hosting a podcast. Weird. That led into a bit of a trip down memory lane, talking about points of interest to us in New England (incidentally, the restaurant we talked about that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives was Evelyn’s, in Tiverton).

Drew gave a run-down of what we’ve been doing with Road to Thin and his latest article about how technology keeps him honest. It’s good stuff; if you’re into weight loss at all, Road to Thin is an exciting new project you might enjoy.

We talked next about Facebook games and World of Warcraft and how these things can really suck you in and make you lose track of time. Still, a little willpower, a little planning… you should be able to set aside some time for fun, right?

When you’re done sitting in front of the computer or TV, how about a little exercise? We talked about treadmill desks, iPad attachments for treadmills and my ideas for the new house we’ll be in early next year – and we also covered Drew’s YMCA membership and its benefits.

Lastly, Drew had tickets to a great show, comped to “Mommy Blogger, A. Bennett”. We might have to change the name of the podcast if Drew’s going to count himself among the moms, but we’ll see.

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