Geek Dads Weekly #56 – Blizzards, Both Literal and Figurative


In which Daniel and Drew talk about snow, video games, and plans for the new year.

After a rough start (the record button is your friend, never forget that), we kicked off with discussion about the blizzard-like conditions that Drew is dealing with in the Northeast. Being a New Englander originally myself, I find myself not really missing that part of the country at this time of year… though the skiing is probably amazing right about now.

From snow blizzards to video game companies named Blizzard, next we talked about my recent foray back into World of Warcraft. It’s a great geeky topic, folks. ‘s why we call the show Geek Dads Weekly.

We also got into our various plans for the new year, which is coming up way sooner than I think either of us would like. We’ve both got some exciting stuff coming up – Drew talked about his plans for BenSpark, Road to Thin and a couple of other things, while I talked about QAQN and launching a podcast consulting service.

The show notes are a little thin this week because I’m super short on time. Comcast decided that my 20Mb internet connection would be better off performing at under 1Mb for two days, Adobe Audition gave me editing headaches (I figured out what was wrong, so at least I learned something) and we’re still recovering from the holidays. So… you’ll just have to listen to the show if you want to find out what else we talked about ;)

There’s one more episode coming before the end of the year, so stay tuned!

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