Geek Dads Weekly #58 – Roll with the New


In which Daniel and Drew discuss hardware, flying with an iPad on the cheap, our kick-ass Affiliate Summit session and Boston Media Makers.

It’s a new year! Last year, we celebrated by changing the name of the show. This year, we’re celebrating by changing the theme music; we rather like the name and figure we’ll keep it.

Drew and I open with a short recap of the past few days and then I played a bit of feedback that we received from Greg, a listener who had a bit to say about our Cyberbully episode and his $10,000 bike (side note: *choke* – ten grand??) Bike riding is great exercise, if you can find the time.

Next up, Affiliate Summit! I talked about how I’m already packed and mostly ready to go – a first for me. I’m the guy that runs around like a maniac hours before I’m supposed to leave for the airport getting things ready, usually. Part of getting ready is my makeshift iPad stand for the plane. No way I’m paying $40 for a piece of molded plastic to hold up the iPad on the tray table… let’s see how a $2 mousepad works instead.

During Affiliate Summit, Drew and I will be doing a session called Affiliate Improv, along with Jen Goode, Mike Buechele and Wade Tonkin. Listen up for all the details, it’s going to be a ton of fun!

Drew attended Boston Media Makers and has a full report, including his time spent with Fitarella.TV‘s Jacqueline Carly. The Pulse Network is an exciting new network of productions that you should definitely check out.

(The bluetooth speaker system that Drew mentioned is the Jabra Cruiser2. Worth a look!)

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