Geek Dads Weekly #60 – Hospitals, Conferences and Snow. Lots of Snow.


In which Daniel and Drew discuss a recent hospital stay, Affiliate Summit West 2011, the North American International Auto Show, and trying to get home in a massive snowstorm.

I kicked off the show today with a report from my stint at the hospital this morning. I went in for some tests related to the abdominal pain that I’ve been having for the past few months and they found some fairly distressing things. The good news is that it’s all reversible through diet, exercise and [possibly, if needed] medication. I’ve been trying to lose weight anyway, so this is just one more reason to kick that into high gear.

The big keyword this time is TRAVEL. We talked about Affiliate Summit West 2011, Drew’s made-up drink winning the contest at the party, and our session – Affiliate Improv – which got great reviews. Eric Nagel had my favorite feedback of all – in the hall later on he was very constructive and offered suggestions on how to make the session even better. Drew had to blast out of there nearly immediately after the session ended because he had to catch a plane to…

The North American International Auto Show! Drew was sponsored by GM to attend the show and report on it. Before Drew gave his take on the show, I talked about my stunning defeat in the Purpose Inc poker tournament Sunday night and how a random stranger made me feel better about it.

Drew’s story of getting to, attending, and getting home from the auto show is a harrowing one, full of fluffy white drama at the end: the snowstorm that New England enjoyed last week kept him from getting home for an extra couple of days. Not cool. But his report is pretty awesome.

[Incidentally, the Sonic restaurant chain is not the chain that operates under different names in different locations. I was thinking of Checkers, a similar drive-in-style chain, that operates under the name Rallys in some markets.]

In other news… deep fried turkey, the Hub channel, and an introduction to Barefoot Books (the monster story that Winter liked so much was “Rona Long-Teeth” from Tahiti).

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  1. Hey Dan it was nice meeting you. I hope you find that house (and the mortgage to go with it). If you ever want another dad's voice (remember I have FIVE kids), I'd love to do a guest cast. I enjoyed the show-it was my first but I'll be listening in again!

    1. It was awesome meeting you too! Sorry I lost you right after we walked into Tryst, that place was *packed*. We'll definitely get you on one of the Sunday shows since you know Drew, too. And thanks for listening!

    1. [sorry for the late reply]
      I saw that post, that was a hell of a recap! Hope to see you again in New York, or at least back in Vegas next year for ASW12!

      1. No New York for me. I can't see leaving a seaside paradise in the middle of August to go to muggy old NY. I WILL go to Vegas next time- thinking of Blog World Expo in the fall too.

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