Geek Dads Weekly #61 – Everybody Does it at Some Point


In which Daniel and Joe discuss potty training, DVD vs. hard drive storage for home movies, podcasting gear and upcoming video productions.

We opened the show with updates from “Potty Trainin’ Joe” on the progress of his youngest. In an interesting take on using rewards to encourage potty use, Lily blows out a candle each time she successfully goes. She’s really getting into it! Angela and I are on the cusp of training Ian, so we’ll be giving that a try.

Next up, we talked about storing home movies on hard drives or discs. Hard drives fail, but discs can break (and break down, over time). My current solution is to put things in three places: the internal hard drive, the external Drobo unit, and online to the Backblaze.

I brought all my new podcasting equipment to Las Vegas, and I described on the show how I traveled with. It all fit in the carry-on suitcase, and TSA was surprisingly cool with it. It was very portable! Listen to learn why I would never, ever pack expensive electronics in my checked baggage. Affiliate Summit was great, and I devoted a bit of time in the show to talking about the Blogger Lounge and the reaction that I got to my little portable studio.

Will we be doing video anytime soon? Maybe not soon, but there will be video coming from both QAQN and Joe’s One of the first things I’ll be trying is something that Randy Cantrell of Bula Network does: an in-studio camera setup, a simple one-shot that shows me doing the show. Joe’s a little more ambitious in what he wants to do over at Baseballisms.

Next, a few of my plans for QAQN… I’m thinking of bowing to the pressure of the crowd and just calling it “Quackin'”. It seems to be what people like.

We wrapped up with coverage of the Social deal – over 1.3 million gift cards sold in 24 hours. I bought one, did you? I’m not a massive fan of the Living Social/Groupon deals generally because it seems to be little more than teeth whitening, spas and laser hair removal half the time. This somehow led into a bit of a rant about companies buying other companies and how that kind of behavior stifles creativity and competition.

Check out for a safe social networking experience for kids. It’s live, and it’s awesome!

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