Geek Dads Weekly #68 – The Thrill of Victory, the Agony of Defeat


Wherein Daniel and Drew congratulate Sarcastic Voyage, talk about steampunk vs. Renaissance Festivals, and examine Drew’s new gadgets.

I’m healthy! It’s been a long time coming, but after nearly two weeks of illness, I’m back with a show that doesn’t feature me being sick. And look! Show notes!

We kicked off with a shout out to Aalgar and Matt of the Sarcastic Voyage podcast for their 100th episode. The vast, vast majority of podcasts don’t reach that milestone, and those guys rock it every week. Listen up in the final ten minutes for the Adventures of Neil and Willikins, an awesome take on Neil Gaiman and Alan Moore. Well done, gentlemen.

Next, steampunk. Waltham, Massachusetts is becoming International Steampunk City from May 6-8. This should be a fun event for people… living near Waltham. For the rest of humanity, we’ll just have to watch from afar and hopefully, should it go well, we may see similar events in other locales. Down here in Houston, we get the Renaissance Festival, and that’s about it. Unfortunately. I’d like to see something new… or old… or new-old, or oldish-new, as it were. Steampunk can be hard to define.

There’s a site called Evolving English that features recordings made from all over the world. Are you into accents at all? Marvel at the range of accents on these English speakers from around the globe. Very, very cool.

We talked next about the Hello Bar, which you can see deployed at QAQN. Drew’s working on getting it set up at, but he ran into a little trouble – his GoDaddy-hosted site got hacked. Again. If you would like a beta invite to Hello Bar, tell us in the comments. We have a handful to give away, and are happy to spread the love.

Looking out to Boston

Drew’s got some new gadgets. We talked about Griffin Technology’s Lightboard for iPad, followed by some awesome camera lenses from Photojojo. From there, it was all about Drew’s family experience with Toy Story on Ice – because all the best shows are on ice!


Lastly, Drew’s going on today, Monday. He’ll be appearing in a matter of hours at 1pm Eastern, so head over to the site and catch him! (I unintentionally misspelled Fitarella when I spoke it on the show. Sorry about that.)

And for the encore… here’s the Agony of Defeat guy. His name is Vinko Bogataj and he’s the only constant in all the opening montages that ABC put together for Wide World of Sports.

All this and more – thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-241-QAQN. Also, you can email us at

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