Geek Dads Weekly #69 – If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of?


In which Daniel and Joe catch up after a week off and talk about the kids, the new Macbook Pros, buying new cars and the Pulse Network.

Joe and I kicked off with a bit of discussion of fellow Geek Dad Drew’s appearances on Fitarella and Digital Dads over at the Pulse Network. Go check out Drew’s big debut over there; I’m sure it won’t be his last appearance.

In somewhat of a coincidence, Joe and Greg Hoffman interviewed the new affiliate manager at Legacy Learning, Patrick Vesperman, on the Affiliate Juice podcast earlier today. The somewhat of a coincidence is that I interviewed Patrick’s predecessor, Matt McWilliams, two days ago on Inside Internet Marketing. The guys had some issues with Skype and the Pamela plugin, but fortunately, we weren’t plagued quite as much by that today.

My two-year-old, Ian, got in on the show a bit today. He was using the iPad to watch Netflix, and we talked about how he’s a master of the device. He really likes Pingu. Talk of the iPad led into discussion about the device’s future in education and the decline of printed textbooks.

Next up, Joe’s test driving cars. He’s coming up on 300,000 miles on his Jeep Grand Cherokee, and once that odometer rolls over, the game is done. Time to move on. From there, we got into buying a home and making it your own. We compared the housing markets in Atlanta and Houston a little bit, too.

We talked a little about the new Macbook Pros that Apple released today. I thought it was a little lackluster, myself. There are some great improvements, but nothing that really jumped out at me as being particularly new or innovative – with the exception of the Thunderbolt port.

We wrapped up with a bit about measuring and marking the kids’ growth. Joe’s got a nice, portable piece of wood, customized and mounted on the wall to measure the girls. It’s got their names on it with some decorations, and the best part is that you can take it with you if you have to move. No more leaving your historical markings in a doorway of the house you’re leaving.

Lastly, did you catch the reference in this episode’s title? Be honest, no Googling for it.

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