Geek Dads Weekly #71 – Frustrating, Funny and Exceptional


In which Daniel and Joe discuss the kids for the better part of the hour and briefly chat about the iPad 2. Also, there’s a great story about destroying a BMW. You can see where the priorities were in this episode.

Yes, it’s a very kid-heavy show this time, with Joe nearly at the end of his rope being a work-at-home dad. I think this is a show that all work-at-home parents can relate to. Somehow we got to talking about the old Thunderbirds and Monkees TV shows and that led into a segment about discussing death with a pre-schooler.

Yeah, it’s a real upbeat show.

It’s not all a big downer though, because we got into a couple of stories about Winter being accepted into the GT (Gifted & Talented) program at school and how I skipped Kindergarten for much the same reason. If you’ve got a child that you’re thinking about skipping a grade with, you might want to listen to this part in particular.

After that, TV habits. I’m a big fan of television as a teaching tool.

We got into the iPad 2 announcement briefly. I’m rather down on it, I thought it was pretty lackluster, but Joe is more bullish about the new device. We’ll tell you why – and why touch devices can never truly replace mouse-based devices.

We wrapped with a bit about our cars. Joe’s is inching closer to 300,000 miles, but his wife’s just broke down. I related the story of my destruction of a BMW 318i when I was 16. I blame it on skipping kindergarten.

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