Geek Dads Weekly #73 – Your Mother Will Not Mind if You Do


In which Daniel and Drew wonder about parental decisions, riff on television programming and scoff at people who tell us how to live our lives.

We opened this time with a bit about child safety – namely, putting your kids’ names on a sign in front of your home or on a sticker on the back of your car. We’re thinking that, although it’s not real probable, you’re just asking for trouble doing that… and yet parents still decide to do it.

Speaking of weird adult decisions concerning kids, whose idea was it to put The Cat in the Hat on PBS? Further, whose decision was it to make “your mother will not mind if you do” his catchphrase? The whole thing as a creepy vibe to it, really.

We talked about our Griffin Lightboards. I just got mine and the kids love it. Look for a contest to be announced next week – we’ll be giving one away! Drew thought that some of the artwork was reminiscent of Jen Goode’s style (Projects for Preschoolers).

There’s one thing we don’t do on this show, and that’s tell people how to be “better dads” or “better husbands” or better anything. People that do tend to really bug me. Would you say that buying an iPad 2 makes you a bad father or irresponsible husband? Someone recently did – and I’m not linking to it because I don’t want to give him any more exposure than he’s already got. Suffice to say… we disagree.

We wrapped on a couple of really bright notes. Kevin Smith is expanding his SModcast podcast network to Stitcher, and also, there are a couple of awesome videos you need to check out. First, the remixed Ferris Bueller trailer. Second, the Disney Princesses get Sucker Punched. All kinds of awesome.

Thanks for listening!

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