Geek Dads Weekly #75 – Who Needs Instructions? We Do, Apparently.


In which Daniel and Joe talk about decades of kid safety, our Lightboard contest, and awesome toys (Matchbox > Hot Wheels!).

Family issues take center stage this week as we kicked off with Joe’s news that the girls are now in daycare. We talked about car seats and kid safety over the past few decades and that led into an update about our Griffin Lightboard contest.

Would you like to win a Griffin Lightboard accessory for iPad? The contest ends Sunday, March 27th and all the details are available in the show notes from Episode #74. Go enter! Lightboards are great!

Joe came down on the side of Hot Wheels, while I was – and am – a fan of Matchbox. Since I’m the one doing the show notes, I can say NYAH NYAH NYAH Matchbox is BETTER!!! There, I feel better now. During the show, we were far more civilized. In this segment, we ponder, where have all the hovercrafts gone?

I used to race boats when I was a kid, and I told a couple of stories about racing Sunfish and Lasers when I was 12-13 years old. I didn’t recall his name during the show exactly, but the kid who took first place for the year when I was 13 was Ames Kaiser.

Update on the house buying process! The home we’re buying had inspections, and they came back mostly positive. The foundation is good, but the roof needs work. How much, we don’t know, but the previous owners nailed a satellite dish into the roof! Right through the shingles!

Baseball season is coming up soon, and Joe’s all about baseball. In fact, he’s got a new community tool running over at called Team Baseballisms. It’s a curation platform created by Scott Jangro called Shareist, that’s been plugged into Baseballisms. Awesome stuff, go check it out!

Lastly, Joe is involved with the new podcast from, a great resource for parents of young kids online.

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