Geek Dads Weekly #78 – Recovery


In which Daniel and Drew talk about massive computer failures, backups and other… stuff.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I was in a really great groove right before I went into the hospital, but that visit totally derailed me. I found it hard to work for a few days after, and just when I was feeling like I could focus enough to get going again, I had a catastrophic operating system failure and had to reinstall OS X. In the five years I’ve been on a Mac, that’s a first (I used to reinstall Windows three or four times a year, so I’m feeling pretty OK about it).

This episode was recorded four days ago, on Sunday. Clearly, I’m still not caught up yet, but if I have any hope of getting back on track, I’ve just got to put it out there and let it go. I just can’t find the time to listen to the show again to come up with the rest of the show notes – we closed on our new house yesterday, so we’re in full-on moving mode now. The next few weeks might be a little hectic.

This was a great show though, and I hope you give it a listen despite the lack of a preview by way of detailed show notes. I’ll be back in the groove soon enough, and better than ever. This, I know.

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