Geek Dads Weekly #80 – Surprise!


In which Daniel, Drew and Joe talk about… wait, there’s three of us? All at the same time? On the same episode?

Aw, yeah Geek Dads! We got the band back together. We are once again a trinity, a three-piece, a triad, a trio, a… threesome, if you will. Drew has made the transition to weekend night shift at his company and is now joining Joe and I on Thursdays.

The past few weeks have seen the QAQN podcasts in a state of flux, with all of us Geek Dads going through some serious life events that have prevented regular recordings of this and other shows. Drew’s aforementioned job, Joe’s transition from work-at-home-dad-with-kids to work-at-home-dad-with-kids-in-daycare, and my own struggles to balance time between work and buying, fixing & moving into a new home. This week’s show almost didn’t happen either, but here we are.

After some witty banter (is there another kind?) we jumped into the heady topic of… punctuation. Yes, thrilling, I know. But what if we were to suggest that the smiley face emoticon – :) – might, in fact, be worthy of the descriptor “proper”? Listen up, grammar nerds, because we suggest exactly that.

Next up, comic books, iPads and piracy of 70 years’ worth of printed material. Drew pointed out an article to me that was posted on TUAW titled “Publishers’ choice: Will the iPad be the hero or villain of the comic book industry?”. The premise is that the comic book industry – a multi-billion dollar industry, make no mistake – is in a similar position to what the recording industry found itself in about ten years ago. It’s not hard to demonstrate. Check out this Google query: DC Comics Chronology torrent. Do you understand what you’re looking at? The results have titles like “Post-Crisis Pack 089” and “Post-Zero Hour Pack 72”. People armed with scanners are scanning comic books, old and new, bundling them into torrents, and making them available online. How bad is it? The Google query I linked to? The Chronology series? That’s every single comic book that DC Comics has ever published. Ever. EVER. Well, apparently there are a few missing, but if the torrents’ contents lists are to be believed, it’s probably upwards of 90-95% of every issue DC has ever put out. And that’s just one company. Marvel fares no better, nor does Image, Dark Horse, Boom! Studios, IDW or any of the others. Ah, but I shouldn’t ramble on about it here in the show notes… listen to the podcast to hear me ramble about it!

We finished up with a surprise announcement from Drew, and I’m not going to spoil it here, it’s just too good. Fast forward through the—fast forward? What is this, 1988? Are you listening to the show on cassette?—skip to the end if you like, you’ll not want to miss this, because the official media blitz won’t be coming for a little while longer.

All this and more – thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-241-QAQN(7276). Also, you can email us at

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PS – just realized that episode 79 didn’t get posted. Like I said, it’s been a rough few weeks. Well, apparently I didn’t hit Publish in WordPress, and my show notes got nuked, too. So much for autosave. I’ll be posting that anew over the weekend. Sorry. If you just want to listen and not wait for the notes, you can access the MP3 file directly.

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