Geek Dads Weekly #85 – It Was a Two-Incher!


In which Daniel and Joe talk about suicidal cockroaches and Google+.

It’s an abbreviated show this week as we had technical difficulties at the top and then had to cut it short so my exterminator could come in and service the property. Two nights ago, I was attacked. It was late, the lights were low. Music was playing softly in the background. Something by Peter Gabriel, I believe. The attacker snuck into my office/podcast studio upstairs, studied me for a moment, then flew at me in a murderous rage! I could practically hear the scream: “YOU WILL DIEEEEEEE!!!”

Arms flailing, I deflected my opponent into a bookshelf. Cautiously, I got up. I went into the hallway, keeping one eye on the bookshelf and then closed the door. I whisked downstairs to get a weapon. I knew I’d need something because this was no ordinary situation. Upon my return, my attacker was still in the bookshelf. I coaxed it out. The damn thing was at least two inches long, had spiny legs and murderous black eyes. I shot him full on with a can of Raid.

Twenty minutes later, it was dead. I’ve never seen such a tough customer, but he didn’t get the best of me. I’m a survivor.

Oh, and we also talked about Google+ for a while.

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