Geek Dads Weekly #86 – Why Own When You Can Rent?


In which Daniel, Drew and Joe talk about live streaming issues, Apple news and Spotify. Glorious, glorious Spotify.

This week’s episode was broadcast live through All QAQN productions are now being broadcast live and you can join the party on the QAQN Live! page. There you’ll find a show schedule and (soon) a chat room so we can interact during the show.

We started with an introduction to listeners and the troubles that I’ve had with streaming to UStream, Mixlr and recording to my local hard drive concurrently. For the time being, it’s Mixlr only.

In Apple news, there’s the new Mac OS X, and Joe is considering making a Macbook Air his next computer.

Next up, Spotify! This is a great addition to the U.S. line-up of online music services. Joe and I are both users, and Drew will be checking it out shortly. This leads into a great discussion about renting vs. buying your media – music, movies, and magazines. At what point do you spend more on physical copies than you would on paying for a subscription? If you spend more than $120 a year buying music (which is what, only a dozen albums?) then paying for a subscription that lets you listen to anything you want whenever and wherever you want makes a lot more sense. Are we entering an era where – finally – it makes more sense to rent than to own?

Drew gave us a report about the new Transformers movie. Best of three? Mmmmaybe.

Also: comics, selling your stuff for beer and cigarette money, the Anarchist’s Cookbook, and a rundown of Affiliate Summit East 2011 (we’re doing a panel!).

NEXT WEEK: We’re giving away FOUR Gold Passes to Affiliate Summit East 2011 in New York City. We’ll be giving away the passes during the live show to four lucky folks in our chat room. For more information, visit QAQN Live!

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