Geek Dads Weekly #91 – They Feel Good in My Mouth


In which Daniel, Joe and Drew cover the new school year, rant about advertising to girls vs. boys, and romanticize the immortal mix tape. Oh, and something about sweaty balls.

It’s that time of year again – school is starting all over the country. Mine started about two weeks ago, Joe’s started recently, and Drew’s is starting up soon. It’s a particularly notable time for all of us because our kids are young. When they’re teens, we’re not going to think twice about the first day of school except to thank god that they’re out of the freakin’ house for 8 hours a day again FINALLY. But for now, with all of our kids either in pre-school, kindergarten or first grade, it’s bit of a sentimental time. We covered a lot of ground related to school: the classrooms, the lunches, the school stores, and carrying milk back to the classroom.

Next up, advertising to girls vs. advertising to boys. Drew and I have stories about companies contacting us to promote their products, but only if we focus on boys. Hey, our daughters might like that stuff, too!

Borders is closing all over the place, and I gave a rundown of everything that I was able to pick up for a heck of a price. If you’ve got a Borders near you and it’s closing, you’ve got to get in there and see what they have. You could save upwards of 80%.

How many of you grew up in the era of the cassette tape? How many of you used to make mix tapes for yourself, your friends, or that special girl/boy in class that you really liked? All three of us were mix tape fans, you’ll want to hear the stories if you were, too.

Lastly, Ben & Jerry’s has a new flavor. You’ve probably heard about it, but if not… let’s just say that I hope it doesn’t really taste like… well…

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