Geek Dads Weekly #92 – Spongebob Makes You a Stupid Gay Kid


In which Daniel and Joe discuss “bad” television for kids, throwing away your kids’ stuff and accepting jobs outside of your comfort zone. Oh, and the nearly complete destruction of major studio equipment. Good times.

Earlier this week I took my first job designing a website for a client. Design work is something that I’ve been doing for myself for many years, but I’ve never done it for anyone else. Last week I was contacted by Greg Hoffman, who asked me to take a crack at redoing his site, Greg Hoffman Consulting. I took that job and he was very happy with the way it turned out, so I couldn’t be happier myself.

My awesome microphone, the one I love so much, very nearly ended up on the floor. The clamp that was holding the boom arm to the table loosened and disconnected, causing a pretty major situation. Thankfully I was able to get it all together – and later in the day, after the recording, I checked the mail and found that my desk mount had been delivered. Oh, if I’d only checked the mail before the show…

Joe and I were both profiled on the Dad of Divas site. That’s a great site and we strongly recommend checking it out. You can read my interview and Joe’s interview.

School is going well for our girls. They’ve both got boys that they’re a little smitten with. We talked about packing lunches, getting them dressed and off to school on time, and dealing with the weather.

Joe and I discuss the pros and cons of getting rid of their stuff. Do you just surreptitiously bag things up and hope they don’t notice? Do you convince them to donate some old toys to charities? We’ve tried both. Right about at this time, my son Ian showed up and talked about how he’s been potty training. It’s… amusing.

We wrapped up with some talk about kids’ television. We reaffirmed our hatred of Calliou and lamented the recent “study” that “showed” that SpongeBob Squarepants will make you… what, stupid? He’ll melt kids’ brains? Couple of years ago, SpongeBob was supposedly making kids gay. So… now… apparently, SpongeBob Squarepants will turn your perfectly normal child into a idiotic gay kid.

Yeah, we don’t buy it, either.

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  1. Oh man, what a show to miss.
    You talk about Dad's in the Limelight (I was the first dad on that list). You talk about getting rid of toys. I have so much to day about that. Saving kid's stuff from school. Man I have stuff to say about that. Man o man it sucks that I had to miss this episode. I'm listening right now wanting to jump in and put in my two cents. Thanks for remembering that I was not on the show about 20 minutes in. LOL.

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